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Today, I want to share some information about the Trondheim best bouldering gyms (Spoiler: they are all amazing). I don’t know is it just me or is it generally hard to find information about the bouldering gyms in English here in Trondheim, so I hope this post helps some of the English speakers in Trondheim who are into bouldering. Here is my listing of the bouldering gyms in Trondheim in no particular order:

  • Trondheim Buldresenter
  • Grip Klatring in:
    • Leangen
    • Sluppen
    • Stjørdal (Half an hour away by car from Trondheim)

All of these are amazing bouldering gyms and have lots of cool routes to offer. I do not any affiliation with any of these gyms, I just want to share my personal experiences and information. Please visit their own websites and the centers to support the expanding rock climbing community.

Trondheim Best in “old-school gyms”: Trondheim Buldresenter

This is cool old-school looking bouldering center. The center is located in perfect spot 20-minutes of walking from city center. Furthermore, The center is BIG (1500 m2) all space dedicated to bouldering. Some of the holds were little bit too worn-out and chalky for my taste when I visited this gym, but generally the routes were fun. The routes were mostly old-school style and the overall vibe was old-school. In addition, the gym had also some comp-style problems. The images on their website give a little too modern picture about the gym, but it is definitely worth a visit nevertheless.

Trondheim Best “all-around” gym: Grip Klatring Leangen

This gem is about 40 minutes walking away from the Trondheim city center. Boulders of the week, vertical, slab, overhanging, roof… this gym has some shapes! The gym is not brand new, but has a modern feel to it and has 1000 m2 space for all the problems you could dream of. I don’t know if people just does not like to brush the holds like we do in Finland, but sometimes I feel like there is little bit too much chalk on the holds to make them extremely slippery. However, I think in Finland people brush holds better and longer than their own house, so I may be too pampered. Grip Klatring Leangen is definitely worth a visit.

Trondheim Best in “modern bouldering gyms”: Grip Klatring Sluppen

Grip Sluppen is located little bit more farther away from the city center (Maybe 1 hour by walking). It is brand-new (as of 2020) and has most modern bouldering walls and routes I have ever seen. I like dynamic comp-style boulders, so I immediately felt like home here. Thus, definitely my personal favorite from the list if you didn’t already guess. Nice staff, excellent routes, amazing premises, what more could you want?

More bouldering little bit farther away: Grip Klatring Stjørdal

This gym is little bit more farther away and you need some mode of transportation to reach it. Grip Klatring Stjørdal is little bit smaller than the other two grip gyms, but has some good quality boulders as well. This gym had boulders mostly up to “red tape” (6b+-6c+) at the time we visited it, so if you enjoy climbing the “average-bloke” (which at least we are) grades, be sure to give it a visit. Very nice staff as well like in all the Grip gyms. according to their website Grip Klatring Stjørdal has 641 m2 area for bouldering and sport climbing.

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