Mostly Good Blog started!

Sognefjellet, snow in september

“Today is the day I start writing a blog”, I said to myself half a year ago, but then got discouraged by all the work needed to start a perfect blog.

This time I succeeded. This time I do not aim for perfection, but in the range of “huh, that was kinda good”. If you feel that internet is full of glamour and impossibly perfect stories, this may be a place for you. I try to be as honest, realistic and maybe even entertaining in my blog stories.

In the future I aim to write mostly about travel, rock climbing, hiking and software/programming(?). Maybe all of these things don’t go hand in hand, but this was meant to be mostly good, right? I choose to write anonymously since internet can be a pretty scary place nowadays, so call me… Ya boi or whatever.

Ya boi, MG


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