Lofoten – Bouldering in Paradise

Lofoten bouldering in Paradise(t)

Bouldering in Lofoten feels like bouldering in Paradise. Actually one bouldering place there is called Paradiset! In this blog post I will go through some of our favorites on a bouldering trip to Lofoten. Keep in mind that we are not absolute crushers at outdoors bouldering and enjoy mostly 6A-6C boulders. So if you own a 7C sending company, the places I will go through might not be as good to you as they were for us. We used 27Crags app to find all of these boulders, which worked out great. We also had only a couple of days here, so we of course couldn’t manage to go to all the boulders, because there are hundreds of them. I’ve seen the videos that everybody should try the “Kingfisher”, but it was pretty far away and not in our grades so we decided to skip it, sorry Youtubers.


On the day we arrived to Lofoten we first went to Finvika, since it was kinda on the way. The place had pretty hard grades for us and some scary looking falls, but we managed to find a boulder named “Epic split” which had this very cool cave. The route had us doing “surprisingly”… Epic splits. Great fun, if you have right pants for it.

Lofoten Bouldering in Paradise(t)

On the same day we decided to go check out Paradiset as well, since it looked amazing in the pictures. This time pictures did not lie and we were greeted with an amazing scenery: see my previous blog post for more scenic pictures. Also the cover picture of this post was taken here. The bouldering itself was ok, the rock was smooth, but the routes were pretty straightforward. But! I would definitely suggest to visit this place for the scenery.

The place also had this supposedly “mythical” series of boulders: The Tao-Te Circuit. It consists of 37 easyish boulder problems and offers some pretty exposed passages and nasty falls for adrenaline seekers. We were pretty gassed out at this point so we just did the first problem and decided to call it a day.

Lofoten bouldering in Paradise(t)
Start of the Tao-Te Circuit

Our Favorite: Smorten

Ok, this is maybe not one of the classics, but we found this as the most entertaining boulder. The moves are big, the stone is perfect, it’s like climbing comp-style boulders outdoors (Yeeess, come here haters). There was also this family of birds (maybe grouses), chilling with us and cheering us on. We tried to get some pictures of them, but they always kept running away (I think they just wanted to social distance. Very responsible little birds in the times of corona). Also this coloury boi showed up near the end of our session:

Smorten Lofoten
Coloury boi in it’s natural habitat

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Sincerely, Crimp hard,
Ya boi.

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