Lapland & Norway Road Trip, 5 Best Places to Visit

Paradiset in Lofoten in a road trip

Recently I made low-quality video about this “Lapland + Norway Road trip 5 Best Places to Visit”, which you can see here:

So I thought I would write a low-quality blog post about the same subject to even things out. Top 5 places to visit on a road trip to northern Norway / Lapland in my opinion are:

  1. Paradiset in Lofoten
  2. Lyngsdalen
  3. Senja
  4. Saana
  5. Ylläs

Lapland and Northern Norway is best done with a car. Many of these places are unfortunately not reachable by public transport.

I know that there are some cool national parks in the other arm of Finland, but if you are going to Lofoten, this could become too a long trip.

5. Lapland: Ylläs

Reindeer. Most magnificent and most dumb animal in Finland.

Paradiset in Lofoten in a road trip
Reindeer let us pretty close

Ylläs is basically the best and closest place to see reindeer and Lapland when coming from the south. There are many possibilities for shorter and longer hikes, but we chose to hike up the ski center, since we were exhausted from the driving. We lost the official summer hiking trail half way up and walked on big loose rocks rest of the way 5/5. Luckily there is a cafe on the top where you can get a nice cold beer for all your hard efforts. There is also an option to take skylift up if you are not a walker.

4. Best of Lapland in Lapland & Norway Road Trip: Saana

Oh Saana, you magnificent chonkus. View from the top is epic on a sunny day.

From the top of Saana

When you arrive at Kilpisjärvi with a car, prepare for the reindeer. They are everywhere. They run towards the car, moonwalk sideways and do backflips. Reindeer would be the best randomness generator in the world since they don’t even know what they are doing. So drive slowly and carefully.

Saana hike starts just before the Border to Norway. There is a parking spot, with lots of space. Hike itself is pretty straightforward, there are stairs on the hard parts and lots of other people, even on these corona times. There is also a box on the top where you can write your initials for some sweet hiker fame. The hike took us maybe 3 hours in total with a relaxed phase.

3. Northern Norway: Senja

Senja is currently pretty hyped by all the Norway travel blogs as a “Hidden gem”. Scenery is pretty cool, but not worth all the hype in my opinion.

Senja sightseeing
Senja sightseeing spot

We were driving from Tromsø to Lofoten and decided to see Senja on the way there. Maybe there is more to Senja than just these sightseeing spots. If you think we missed something in Senja, let me know in the comments :).

2. Northern Norway: Lyngsdalen

Ok, this is pretty hidden gem currently. We found this hiking route by buying an old school paper map about Lyngen Alps and found this nice looking walking trail going through a valley. Currently, when writing this Lyngsdalen has only 1 Google review.

Since this was very well hidden, there was literally no one else but us. When we were leaving we saw one other group on the way back.

River on lyngsdalen hike
About halfway to Lyngsdalen

The hike was actually surprisingly easy to find. Write Furuflaten to Google maps, See a culture sign + parking place, leave the car there and there is all the rest info you need on these info boards.

Reached it! You can see the glaciers on the far away.

The hike itself is easy in terms of physical condition. Hike is very hard in terms of cow and sheep crap all over the trail. So prepare to dodge those mines, bro. Also there was many sheep chilling alongside the trail.

1. Best in Lapland & Norway Road trip: Paradiset in Lofoten

First in the 5 best places to visit is not surprisingly Lofoten. I know that Lofoten is pretty well known and overflooded with tourists, but hear me out. There is a place called Paradiset, which is a real paradise. We found the place via rock climbing app, but I would recommend this place for anyone who likes nature.

Paradiset in Lofoten
Pretty cool huh?

The place can be pretty tricky to find without a rock climbing app, but basically you drive to Kalle camping and then start following this small walking trail through thick forest. Suddenly you are rewarded with amazing views on the shore.

Paradiset in Lofoten
The rock is so smooth

I plan to write more detailed instructions about the Paradiset and Lyngsdalen in the future since these can be pretty hard to find. If you liked this post, please leave a comment. If you didn’t like the post and think I should stop blogging and go do something meaningful, ask yourself – “Do we always need to achieve and climb up the ladder, or should we just do sometimes something stupid and fun”.

Ya boi, MG

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