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Unity Ignis API Documentation

Unity Ignis API Documentation 1.8.4+ Updated 09.03.2021 support@oava.mostlygoodblog.com Parameters and properties Class parameter documentation can be found in class tooltips and User_instructions.pdf Shader property documentation can be found in folder: Shaders VFX property documentation can be found in folder: VFX Classes Flammable Object Flammable object is a centerpiece of this system. It essentially works as&hellip

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Unity Ignis – Interactive Fire System Documentation

Unity Ignis – Interactive Fire System Documentation. V 2.0.1+ Updated 24.05.2021 support@oava.mostlygoodblog.com Quick-start Works at least on Unity 2019.3+ (Visual effects 7.3.1+) URP/HDRP (7.3.1+) Built-in/Standard RP with exception of one optional/extra shader. (See FPS demo recorded in Standard RP on youtube for confirmation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ1p0ilj_CY) (Visual effects 7.3.1+ excluding 10.4.0). Tested: Unity 2019.3.15 (Visual effects 7.3.1)&hellip

Lofoten bouldering in Paradise(t)

Lofoten – Bouldering in Paradise

Bouldering in Lofoten feels like bouldering in Paradise. Actually one bouldering place there is called Paradiset! In this blog post I will go through some of our favorites on a bouldering trip to Lofoten. Keep in mind that we are not absolute crushers at outdoors bouldering and enjoy mostly 6A-6C boulders. So if you own&hellip

Best Via ferrata in Norway for beginners

Best Via Ferrata in Norway? – Romsdalstigen

Norway has some very cool via ferrata routes like Loen and Trolltunga, but could not-so-well-known Romsdalstigen be the best via ferrata in Norway? It may as well be, at least for beginners. Romsdalstigen has two via ferrata routes: Introveggen and Vestveggen. If you are via ferrata first-timer Introveggen might be the perfect match for you!&hellip

Climbing gym

Trondheim Best Bouldering Gyms

Today, I want to share some information about the Trondheim best bouldering gyms (Spoiler: they are all amazing). I don’t know is it just me or is it generally hard to find information about the bouldering gyms in English here in Trondheim, so I hope this post helps some of the English speakers in Trondheim&hellip

Drive up to Jotunheimen, Norway
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Galdhoppigen Hike from Spiterstulen

To reach and do Galdhoppigen hike from Spiterstulen, you unfortunately need to see amazing sights on the way there. Here are few (of many) reasons to visit Jotunheimen in Norway: Sognefjellet Spiterstulen Highest mountain in Northern Europe: Galdhøpiggen I recently made a Youtube video about Jotunheimen, so be sure to check it out: I am&hellip